Assessment and Simple Report / £150

A parent/carer/teacher interview review of case history form informal and formal assessments discussion of the assessment report and recommendations. Detailed or Easy Read reports will be additional

Assessment and Detailed Report / £250

This may be suitable for clients with more complex communication disorders Detailed analysis and recommendations will be offered

Regular speech therapy sessions / From £45 for 30mins

Allows a client to build up trust and bolster confidence Ensures that exercises are practised and that improvements are built on

Your individual Speech Therapy sessions

The frequency, quantity and length of therapy sessions will be discussed and agreed.

The therapy will include up to a 60-minute session, which will include direct intervention with the client as well as indirect intervention, such as advice or discussion with the parent/carer, and /or observation of the child. Therapy sessions will be developed to target agreed goals. Any materials developed specifically will be made available for the client, family, carers, and teachers to use for the practice and development of new skills.

Planning therapy session

Case Notes of sessions (informal assessment of goals after each session)

Discussion / updates with those involved in the clients care when relevant.

Progress evaluation every six months

Travel time

Liaison with relevant professionals, as/when required.

I will provide my assessment and therapy service at the clients’ home, school, nursery, day centre, and/or residential home to ensure it is optimal for the client and convenient for the family or carer.


Bespoke tailored training programmes and certification courses are offered to a range of individuals or groups such as education staff, parents, carers, family members, and supported livingorganizations. I have designed and run my own dysphagia and communication courses and can do this for you as well. I am a licensed trainer for Talking Mats and Elklan.

Other services

Attend meetings at schools, nursery, day centres, residential homes to support the clients speech, language and communication needs to ensure those who work directly with the client understand best how to support him/her.

Meetings with other health professionals

Additional reports as may be required for schools or other professionals