Stammering and Voice Quality

Do you get stuck when you speak, or repeat sounds or words over and over? If you find it difficult to get the words out, or at times your voice sounds hoarse, raspy and sore, you may have a speech disorder. A speech therapist may provide the help and support you have been looking for. I can help you to devise strategies so that you are in control of your speech and it is not in control of you.

What is Voice Quality?

Does your voice sound hoarse or raspy sometimes? Have you found it difficult to hit high notes when singing or maybe your voice sounds deeper than usual? Your throat might even feel sore or raw at times. Screaming and cheering, talking too much, regularly clearing your throat, and even smoking can cause you to lose your voice. If you strain your voice too much and don’t take care of it, you can develop nodules or polyps on your vocal cords.

If speaking is an effort or you suffer from any of these symptoms then you should contact a Speech Therapist. It is important to take care of your voice, otherwise you could be at risk of developing nodules (singer nodes) or polyps.



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