Difficulty using Language: Expressive Language

Expressive Language is the ability to put thoughts and ideas into words and sentences in a way that makes sense and is grammatically correct.

Here are some signs that your child might have difficulty using expressive language:

  • They might use short simple sentence construction
  • They might have difficulty starting or holding a conversation
  • They might use the wrong words when speaking
  • They might have difficulty re-telling a story or relaying information

If a child is not able to express his thoughts and ideas clearly or has difficulty re-telling stories, for example, they might be excluded from social circles and find it more difficult to develop and maintain friendships. Also they might exhibit some challenging behaviour, feel left out, and become disadvantaged in school as a result.
Therefore it is very important you seek the appropriate help from a Speech Therapist, who will be able to diagnose and treat your child.

We all understand that being able to express yourself clearly is essential fordeveloping and maintaining friends, for social interactions, and for emotional development. Input from a speech therapist at an early stage can reap significant benefits in this regard as a child grows up.



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