Difficulty understanding Language: Receptive Language

Receptive language is the ability to understand or comprehend language that is heard or read. You should seek a Speech Therapist if your child has difficulty understanding what is said to them. It is important for children to be able to understand language used otherwise they might have difficulty using it themselves.

Some symptoms might include:

  • Not listening when you speak to them
  • Difficulty following directions such as ‘please put your shoes and your jacket away’
  • They might not be interested in reading stories with you
  • Your child might even parrot words or phrases: for example, if you ask your child ‘Would you like some orange juice?’ and they respond with ‘orange juice’, they are just repeating the last thing they heard

Your child might exhibit some undesirable behaviour as a result of being frustratez from their difficulty in understanding and communicating effectively. It is important that you seek Speech Therapy intervention as soon as possible to prevent any such behaviour from becoming entrenched.



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