Speech and Language Therapy South London is here to provide effective bespoke therapy that fits the individual needs of children and adults.

It is led by Rosie Nicholson, an experienced specialist Speech and Language Therapist, with a Masters degree and more than 20 years professional experience of working with children and adults. She can work around your schedule in a variety of settings to accommodate busy family life, so that therapy can be provided at an optimal time and in the most suitable environment for the client.




Mrs. Wilcox

Rosie has been providing speech therapy to my three year-old daughter for the past term after a lateral lisp was detected by her nursery school teacher. My daughter actively looks forward to her lessons with Rosie which through the use of techniques such as games to teach my daughter finds incredibly fun and enjoyable. With Rosie's direction my daughter has already made excellent progress and we hope early intervention will mean the lisp is corrected quickly. Rosie has conducted her lessons both at home as well as at the nursery school where she liaises with the class teacher to ensure the nursery school can also follow through with my daughters speech development.

Mrs. Millar

I was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules in May 2015.  Whilst not life threatening in itself, it was causing me significant stress and discomfort.  I was having to strain my voice to be heard which caused me to be tired a lot of the time as well as frustrated.  I have two young children who were also being affected by my difficulty in speaking. I saw Rosie soon after and she was able to provide me with further detail of my condition which had not been explained by my doctor.  I felt it was very beneficial to me to share my issue with a specialist in this field who could precisely answer my detailed questions.  Rosie provided me with a series of exercises along with a programme of targets which have greatly helped my recovery.  I found Rosie very professional but caring at the same time.

Mrs. Calvocoressi

We were concerned that at age 5 our sons slight lisp may add confusion to learning to read and write so we enlisted  Rosemary to help, she immediately built a positive relationship with him by making her exercises seem like fun games, she quickly built his trust - at no time has she made him feel bad about the way he speaks or made him feel that is having a lesson, he looks forward to seeing her which is great.  She speedily  established the areas we needed to work on to help him grow out of his lisp and has given us some useful pointers that we can help him with at home.  We have seen positive results very quickly.  


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